mTransport increases student safety by increasing the quality, reliability and simplicity of communications between all school transportation personnel

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  • The mTransport app is available for iOS and Android.

mTransport Parent App


Does your child ride the school bus? Follow their journey in real time with mTransport – you can rest easy knowing they’re safe.

  • Check the app to see if your child got on or off the bus, and view their real departure and arrival times.
  • Follow all of your children in real time, even if they go to different schools.
  • Receive an alert when they miss their bus, so you can react quickly.
  • Don’t waste any time – the app will let you know when the bus is getting close to your home.
  • View the mTransport dashboard whenever you want on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.
  • Choose which notifications you want to receive and select your preferred methods of communication: push notification, text message or email.

The mTransport app is available for iOS and Android.

QR Cards Q&A

What are QR Cards?

Does every school bus have a tablet?

What information is on the tablet?

Are the tablets new?

Is taking attendance on buses new?

Why is attendance taken?

If my child forgets to bring their QR card, can they still board the bus?

Does my child have to use a QR card?

Are there other options instead of carrying the QR card?

What if my child loses the card? Can I get a replacement?

Who developed the QR cards?

Does mTransport have a privacy policy related to the QR cards and the software/app?

Does the Sudbury Student Services Consortium have a Privacy Policy?

What data is being gathered by the QR Cards?

Do the QR Cards monitor students at school?

How do I access the mobile app?

What information can I obtain from the app?

Why is the Sudbury Student Services Consortium implementing QR cards?

When do the QR cards take effect?

Is this card a tracking device?

How do I know for sure it’s not tracking my child’s whereabouts?