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School Bus Safety Messages:

Bus Safety Manual

The Bus Safety Manual is available in PDF format and can be downloaded by clicking here.

The Kidestrian booklet, a tool to assist students who live within walking distance to school, is available in PDF format and can be downloaded by clicking here.

First Time Rider Program

The Sudbury Student Services Consortium in cooperation with our school bus operators, invite all Junior Kindergarten and first time bus riders to a School Bus Safety Awareness Session. Intertrain Inc. has been providing school boards across Ontario with dynamic, entertaining, quality school bus safety training programs for many years, and will be presenting their Buster the Bus training program.

  • This one hour session stars Buster the Bus, the loveable robotic school bus. Buster moves, talks and plays music! Along with a trainer, Buster teaches students how to wait for, board, ride and get off the school bus. Students are also taught how to safely cross in front of the school bus. Student volunteers assist the trainer and Buster in demonstrating the safety message. Buster is a captivating presenter who keeps children's attention with sing-songs and good humour.
  • After the presentation, children are then given the opportunity to try their new found knowledge with a real bus ride.
  • The session ends with an accomplishment certificate and a loot bag of information and handouts.
  • Buster the Bus - Junior Elementary Grades JK to 3

    As the second graders sat in the gym, their eyes were riveted on the small yellow bus that sat in the center of the floor. Suddenly, a snore erupted and one eye of the bus flipped open. That meant that Buster the Bus was up and ready to do his presentation on how to ride the bus safely to and from school!

    Urged on by Intertrain Inc. staff, Buster answered the Trainer's questions and prompted the students to answer his. "When we wait for the bus in the morning, where are we supposed to stand?" asked Buster. "By the side of the road," yelled the students in unison. "And when the bus stops, how do we get on?" Buster followed. The children correctly said, "One at a time." And so it went.

    National statistics point to grades kindergarten through three as the student population most at risk in the danger zone. These students are best educated by being engaged and entertained. Buster the Robotic School Bus does just that. He entertains, engages and educates.

    Children will learn what is expected while waiting at a bus stop, how to board a bus safely, what rules they are expected to follow when riding on the bus, and how to depart a bus safely. The program is held in your gymnasium and can accommodate up to 250 students per session.

    Senior Elementary Grades 4 to 8

    School bus behaviour has become an increasing problem. School, Operators and Consortium staff as well as school bus drivers are spending an inordinate amount of time attempting to manage behaviour because some children do not responsibly manage their own behaviour.

    The Senior programs encourage children to go beyond just behaving well to a personal commitment to basic values that promote the quality of life on the bus.

    It is the intention of this instruction to encourage children to examine their behaviour in light of the commitment to good behaviour and to move toward social maturity. The goal of the programs is also to inform students as to the direct effect their behaviour has on the safety of the bus, the maintenance of order on the bus and the rights of other riders and of the driver.


  • To review safety rules and behaviour expectations while riding on the school bus.
  • To inform students in grade 4 to 8 to remember they are role models for younger students and to ask for their help.
  • To expand on concepts introduced in previous programs.

    Bullying and Initiation

  • What is bullying?
  • What is initiation?
  • Examples of bullying including:
    Verbal: teasing, name calling, threatening
    Physical: punching, kicking, scratching
    Psychological: excluding someone from the group

    Expansion: When we bully on the school bus we are not paying attention to our safety rules

    Safety review
    Do not distract the driver with loud noise
    Stay seated at all times
    No eating or drinking
    No fighting, pushing shoving
    No opening windows without permission
    No shouting out windows
    No luring students back into Danger Zones

    Always respect the Danger Zones
    Respect the bus no vandalism
    Respect for the community
    Respect for fellow riders/bus patrol
    Respect for school bus driver

    Ride Correct Bus In case of an emergency the bus could be delayed. You need to be on the correct bus so we know where you are. You need to get on and off at your assigned stop only.

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    Bus Evacuation DVD

    Bus Evacuation DVD

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    First Time Rider DVD

    School bus evacuation guidelines DVD

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